August 30th, 2012

10: Pt 2 – Transparent And Fuzzy At The Same Time

Part 2 of 3 episodes featuring guest, G.! What to do if you love your family, but your family loves Fox News? Rant about the pacing in Breaking Bad of course. These are the kinds of segues that either make you love SPRT or make you tear your hair out (I’m bald if that hints at anything). Words of the week: Jolt and Mitote. Annoy your friends! Use them both in a single sentence: “Just a few more jolts and there’d be some serious mitote action going on here.” BAM! THUD! You’re welcome.

Fox and Family
Pacing and editing in movies/media
Jolt: effects on the brain (cortisol NOT cortisone, Anzo!)

Beasts of the Southern Wild (the film Brave tries to remember at 17:39)
Zen of TV Watching
There Is a Mitote in Your Mind


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