August 1st, 2012

6: My Souffle! And Other Things Overcooked

If the sun went out it’d be dark, and other profound truisms. Anzo broaches the topic of the solar deity but is rebuffed by Brave who just wants to talk sh** about the Greek people. Real classy, B, real classy. Anzo sold his house! He’s now homeless…er, “home free.” BTW, Brave, even WITH your fabric softener you still stink.

PART I —Psychology of the Sun
Light as information, zeitgeist, styles of the sun god
Brave analyzes the psychology of the Greek people/culture

PART II —- Moving Out
Modern Amish Barn Raising
Homeless vs Home-free
What’s the collateral for a mortgage?
Changing styles of slavery throughout history
Income tax goes to pay interest
Disinformation – LIBOR/Aurora tragedy

Stephen Hawking, Brief History of Time [not “through” time, Anzo]
The Toltec culture
Zeitgeist (the film)
Historical Jesus (from iTunes U)
Fake Gold Bars in Fort Knox


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