Anzo’s Corner #1

Since it seems I cannot form a complete thought during the podcast, (Brave interrupts) I thought I would write a wee bit.

Repetition Repetition Repetition          Mass Media  – The modern mitote


Repetition affects physical changes in a person’s brain neural structure. This is how we learn.  This is also how we are manipulated into believing a certain way. In the book “Quantum Learning” by Bobbi DePorter, p36, bold and italics mine, it is stated that:

 “The neocortex is made up of 12 to 15 billion nerve cells, called neurons. These cells are capable of interaction with other cells by vibration along branches, called dendrites. Each neuron is capable of interacting with neurons in its vicinity, which means there are more potential interactions between the cells in one human brain than there are atoms in the entire universe! Those interactions also determine your ability to learn. 

The key to the connection between dendrites is a substance called myelin. Without getting too technical, let me just explain that myelin is a fatty protein released by the brain to coat the connection between dendrites as new information is learned. This happens the first time a connection is made, and thereafter anytime there is proper stimulus from the environment to activate that connection again. 

At the time of the first connection, it takes a lot of energy to “get” it. After that it gets easier and easier as the myelin forms a thicker coat. Eventually, with enough repetition, the connection becomes sufficiently “myelinated” and able to operate without effort while other connections are being made. 

Have you ever noticed that a child will often ask you to read a certain favorite story over and over again? Then after a while the child seems satiated with it and is ready to move on to new stories.  ….during the repeated readings, the child is absorbing metaphoric and symbolic connections in the story. Neuron links are activated, and myelination begins. When the link is sufficiently myelinated, the child no longer has the need to be read that particular story all the time; once in awhile is enough. After myelination has occurred, it needs reviewing only infrequently. If after years and years it hasn’t been reviewed the myelin begins to dissolve. You might call that the brain’s way of “cleaning house”. “


Can the symbols, use (repetition) and vibration of language – political, religious, corporate or otherwise – actually change or distort our neural networks? I answered this in the above excerpt with an emphatic “YES”. The information above, verified by research, should explain what could physically happen to a person if, for example, all they watch is FOX NEWS (or CNBC, or Reality Shows). The repetition, the tone of voice -usually alarmist or morally righteous, and the colors/frequencies used for the broadcast all combine to form a literal FOX NEWS parasite living on a new neural network in the brain. The modern mitote.

You can watch it happen to your friends, family and fellow citizens every election season. Does their personality seem to change by a hypnosis of foreign ideas, mined by think-tanks via trend analysis, and proliferated through the ever present frequencies of the digital realm (ever wonder why Congress passed a LAW for digital TV frequencies, even gave out free converter boxes, and they can’t get anything else done?). I had to boycott certain segments of my social life until after the election was over. It was as if the people I had known disappeared and only certain foreign ideas possessed the body and mind and SPIRIT. Sounds pretty religious to me. It has been shown that certain frequencies have an hypnotizing affect on the human brain. When speaking out loud, this concept can be used for manipulation of behavior and is known under the name of neurolinguistics. The thoughts we entertain may not be our own. This is why Wisdom says mankind is responsible for which thoughts he/she chooses to entertain.

Politics and Religion. The phrase goes together quite nicely in a linguistic sense. The techniques used in both are the same. Politics has pseudo-religious rituals that mimic traditional religious rituals. The Catholic/Orthodox Christian procession to the altar, with acolytes (male) flanking the Priest (male), repeating certain emotional phrases are echoed in any Presidential/Monarchial/Military procession to a political altar (The Mall in DC, or any memorial – the memorials are all pagan temple designs). The speeches are bad poetry, some say even code to other leaders like gang signs, and the language – Thousand Points of Light, Forward, Freedom, Liberty, Change, collateral damage, isolationist, neutralize – are all words picked to have the desired effect on the public – i.e. GUIDE THE BELIEF SYSTEM OF THE MASSES. Even more specific are words designed to bring out irrational emotion such as abortion, birth control, gay marriage, terrorism, IRAN, support the troops, illegal aliens, der homeland der security while urgent dangers such as Fukushima radiation, Failed Drug policies, nuclear power infrastructure, pedophilia, GMO’s, aerosol spraying (trails) – where’s Al Gore when you really need him? Oh yeah, he’s raising methane-producing cattle he never mentioned in his sponsored propaganda – continue to be ignored by the elite banker-controlled mass-media machine.

Certain phrases and actions are designed to promote certain behaviors. “911, War on Terror, 911, War on Terror, Hallelujah, Amen, Hallelujah, Amen”. Repeat often enough and everyone in a turban is to blame. Repeat often enough, and every week hordes of “sane” adults actually believe they are cannibalizing the Christ’s human body in the 21st century. If you did not think that repetitive advertisements, soundbites, political slogans, and religious dogma affect you on a physical level please give me advice on how to install such a psychic firewall for myself. It’s an ongoing battle to NOT get a smart phone, NOT have cable, NOT check my Facebook a hundred times per day. And what does all that judgmental and qualitative  “FB liking” do to your neural sets? If I get used to judging everything as “liked” then by implication I am also “not liking” things. Satan is Separation.

Both systems vie for control. That simple. Not one of those systems cares about YOU as an individual. The systems are defended by minions that would have to think for themselves if not for their “pharaohs or fuhrers”.  Fear is created so Control is easy.

Either consciously or unconsciously, repetition acts like any technology. Like any technology it can be used for illth or wealth. (read “bad or good” if you still need value judgements to understand reality and help you behave accordingly – value judgements = crib notes or training wheels for acceptable social behavior). Most just get too comfortable with the training wheels and leave them on when it’s time to find balance within an increasingly complex reality.

Words and language are a symbolic structure made through our perception of linear time. Or is it our use of language that helps to create that perception? If we could communicate telepathically, via images/feelings/, communicating concepts with more “truth” than language could ever approximate, would our perception of “time” shift into a more immediate experience i.e. “live in the present”?

Yet Words are important. Even more important is the INTENT behind them. For a virtual graduate course in concept of INTENT, read all the Castaneda books especially “Art of Dreaming”. Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, of the I.H.M Institute in Tokyo, has shown how water itself is affected by the INTENT of certain waveforms of words and thoughts. Read the book “Messages From the Water” for more on this subject. If we are composed of greater than 70% water what do you think all those thoughts (self – talk) are doing to you? It is well known that the brain acts like an amorphous semi-conductor or an antenna. Just what IS behind that blank stare from Sprawl Mart Shoppers?




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