June 27th, 2012

3: Guns, Drugs, and Die Grandma Die!

Anzo decides to take a concealed weapons class and Brave thinks he isn’t swayed by the airy skies of pharma commercials.

Happy Fun Ball
Crazy People (1990)

June 20th, 2012

2: The Netherworld of WHAAAT?

Big, fancy thoughts this week: A & B talk the relativity of normal, the oppression of one group as a consequence of another group’s weaknesses, gender-bending thought-experiments, inconvenience as a tool for personal disempowerment. All in 20 minutes! Approach with caution!

Tiny Ladies in Shiny Pants by Jill Soloway
Taxi to the Dark Side (the film B was trying to remember at the end)

June 11th, 2012

1: Self-Pleasurvation and the Venus Transit

What’s the big deal about the Venus Transit? A & B throw down about a little dot across the sun. B says, “Meh.” A says, “Suck it, it matters.” They BS. You decide.

Links to stuff we talk about:
Venus Transit
Pentagram in the Venus Transit
Maurice Cotterell

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